Industry-led roadmap provides a path to safely deliver healthier, better insulated homes and reduced energy costs

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Media Release | 24 August 2022

The Energy Efficiency Council in collaboration with the recently formed Affiliated Insulation Industry Coalition are pleased to announce the rollout of the Roadmap for Quality Controland Safety in Insulation Installation.

With the continuing energy price crisis and a cold winter keeping energy costs front of mind for Australian households and businesses, insulation has come to the fore as a keycomponent in improving the health, comfort and energy efficiency of our buildings.

This industry-led roadmap is focused on safety for both installers and consumers in addressing Australia’s under insulated building stock. It contains measures around information, training and certification, installation requirements and standards for both new builds and the insulation upgrades of existing homes.

The coalition behind the roadmap is comprised of leading industry groups representing the insulation supply chain, manufacturing, and building sectors, working alongside the Energy Efficiency Council and other industry and consumer groups.

Three key workstreams have been established to support the rollout: consumer and installer awareness, skills and training, and intergovernmental collaboration.

In both homes and our workplaces, ensuring adequate levels of insulation results in lower heating and cooling bills, increased thermal comfort and improved health outcomes.

Insulation also supports Australia’s net zero goals by reducing demand for emissions intensive energy, and creates clear economic benefits.

With the average Australian home sitting well below the minimum standards for thermal comfort of new builds, industry estimates value the national retrofit market for insulation upgrades at more than $20 billion over the next 30 years, with insulation installation in existing homes representing significant jobs in manufacturing and installation.

Scott Gibson, Chair of the Affiliated Insulation Industry Coalition, says “The energy price crisis and another severe winter has once again highlighted Australia’s poorly insulated and energy-inefficient homes. Industry and consumer groups agree that more than eight million Australian homes are inefficient as they were built prior to mandatory minimum energy efficiency requirements. Upgrading these homes to be healthy and comfortable will improve outcomes for millions of Australians and provide consistent, full-time jobs for more than 10,000 Australians over the next decade.”

Energy Efficiency Council CEO Luke Menzel also welcomed the commitment to support the expansion of insulation's role in slashing energy costs and supporting Australia's net zero future. "The average quality of Aussie buildings is atrocious. They are leaky, cold and very expensive to run. In a country like Australia, living in a healthy, comfortable home shouldn't be privilege - it should be an expectation and a right. We need to insulate our homes because it will cut heating bills, it will improve health and wellbeing, and it will help us hit our Paris goals. It is the ultimate win win win."

View and download the Roadmap for quality control and safety in insulation installation here.

The Affiliated Insulation Industry Coalition is:

  • Australian Modern Building Alliance (AMBA), which is a speciality group of Chemistry Australia
  • Insulation Australasia
  • Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ), and
  • The Insulation Academy.
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